Something’s Growing at Southall.

Southall will be the realization of a vision years in the making. A place where the land and its people honor the traditions of Southern hospitality. A farm, inn and spa rooted in sustainability, abundance and luxury.

Nestled in the rolling hills outside Historic Franklin, Tennessee, 25 miles from Nashville, a 325-acre farm is being transformed into a world-class destination dedicated to the circle of life. Here, history will meet innovation, the earth will feed the kitchen, and the experience will nurture the soul. Southern hospitality evolves, coming 2022.

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Dedicated to Journeys

Southall will be a place for explorers yearning for discovery. What’s around the corner, beneath our feet, and why it matters. The soil is being sowed, and the table will be set for you in the coming years.

It’s the Journey of a Seed

Supported and cared for over time, until it is primed to give back.

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The Journey of People

Enjoying each other’s company – learning, discovering, and finding inspiration together.

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And the Journey of the Land Itself

Providing faithfully for its inhabitants for centuries, through a thoughtful evolution that never really ends.

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