At the Heart of Southall

Southall is rooted in both nature’s bounty and the cycles that create it, evoking the feeling of old farmsteads across America: a place of gathering and connection around food and nature. Where curiosity leads to learning, learning leads to understanding and a deeper, more meaningful experience.

Moments to Savor

Here at Southall we create memories for guests providing a place to connect with each other, the land, and the rich culture of Middle Tennessee. A lazy paddle around the lake. Snuggling by the fire. Enjoying a meal harvested right outside your door. Or learning about the evolution of agriculture. It will all be here waiting to be discovered and explored.

Rooted in Sustainability

Sustainability is our first priority, and reflected in everything we do, from capturing and reusing the rainwater that falls on the property, to the nitrogen-fixing cover crops that preserve the soil and reduce the need for fertilizer, to smart-technology rooms and geothermal systems that conserve energy. It’s a ‘glass bottles instead of plastic’ mindset, revealed in every aspect of life at Southall. We owe it to the land that sustains us.

The Southall Team

The team at Southall represents generations of experience in providing world-class hospitality. We’ve been working together for four years now to bring Southall to fruition – but for some of us, our careers together go back much farther.