Sowing the Seeds of Curiosity

The Farm at Southall inspires a deep reverence for the land, its heritage, and the food that fuels us. This working farm—at the heart of all that we do—is the culmination of a quest to understand the journey of our food, and how a blend of traditional methods and technology can serve as an engine for innovation.

Incorporating advanced hydroponics and aquaculture technology, the farm features acres of scenic hillside orchards, greenhouses, terraced hand-toiled kitchen gardens, and Lake Mishkin—home to countless species of wildlife and a reservoir that helps irrigate the land. Although it’s rooted in the past, it’s also the farm of the future.

The Apiary

Protecting bees and their future viability, the apiary at Southall is home to approximately 4 million honeybees, all of whom play a vital role in pollinating the farm’s bumper crops and producing our award-winning honey.

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The Gardens

Terraced hand-toiled kitchen gardens grow heirloom vegetables that serve as inspiration for many of our culinary creations.

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The Greenhouses

Our 5,000-square-foot propagation greenhouse and 10,000-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse both highlight the tradition and innovation Southall utilizes to optimize growing conditions.

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The Orchard

With 1,300 apple trees on a hill overlooking the lake, our orchard creates a stunning setting for a picnic or a leisurely ramble.


The Farmers

Our farming team is responsible for managing operations throughout the farm, from the apiary and gardens to the greenhouses and hillside orchard.

The Farmers