Built from the Ground Up.

Life at Southall revolves around the farm – the cultivated and the wild, the flora and the fauna that work in harmony to sustain each other. It’s the ethos – honoring the land, revealing its gifts, delighting the senses, a never-ending wonder – that drives the vision at Southall. It’s the circle of being.

From Innovation Springs Inspiration

The Farm at Southall is the realization of a dream for Chef Tyler Brown, who put Nashville on the culinary map by sharing his passion for farming and cooking with the world. But he wanted to dive deeper – creating a sustainable luxury resort focused on landscape-scale, symbiotic food cultivation and an immersive epicurean experience.

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All About Chickens

For thousands of years, people around the world have utilized domesticated chickens for their healthy eggs and meat. It all started with the wild red jungle fowl of east Asia, around 7,000 B.C., and as humans saw the opportunity, chickens were used as barter and spread far and wide.

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Sustainable Operations

Long before the plans for Southall were on paper, a singular guiding principle had been etched instone: sustainability. It’s become a buzzword in recent years, with certifications and green washing and marketing studies. But this property was destined to be different.

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Bees Make Southall Blossom

When the purple deadnettle blooms in late February, Jay Williams knows the bees are waking up. Williams has been fascinated with the craft of growing honeybees as pollinators since learning of their plight years ago.

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A Food Forest

Much of Southall’s 325 acres are old-growth hardwood ridges waiting to be explored… and foraged. We call them food forests, because they provide edible delights throughout the growing season: ramps and morels in the spring, chanterelles and lion’s mane mushrooms in the summer, then the elderberries, ginseng, nuts and truffles into the fall. We invite you to join us as we forage for wild edibles in our food forest.