The Farming Team

Led by Chef Tyler Brown, the team at Southall maintains 15,000 square feet of traditional greenhouses, a nearly two-acre kitchen garden featuring heirloom vegetables, rotational grazing and permaculture areas; a terraced and espaliered hillside apple orchard (with more than 30 varieties of apples currently growing), more than a million honeybees in the Southall apiary, and a 3-acre parcel dedicated to seed-saving and large-format crops.

Tyler Brown

Tyler Brown understood early on how food and community intertwine, as his family always felt the evening meal was sacred time. It was at the dinner table where the personal exchange happened. That experience stuck with him as he looked toward his career.

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Jay Williams

As a graduate of Northwestern University’s film school, Jay Williams found early success as a cinematographer, working behind the camera on iconic American television shows such as Seinfeld and J.A.G. He helped launch the Travel Channel with a show called Beach Diaries, serving as its host and profiling exotic locales across the globe. But all of that left him unfulfilled—he realized that his want to help people required a more personal connection.

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Jeffrey Orkin

The built environment depends on the natural for sustainability, and that nexus created the formation of Jeffrey Orkin’s career. He earned a degree in landscape architecture and contracting from Mississippi State University before working as an urban land planner with noted developer Gresham, Smith & Partners, where he designed urban streetscapes and innovative stormwater management systems.

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