Nature's Healing Powers

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Like the farm itself, The Spa at Southall is committed to enhancing the wellbeing of guests through an immersive experience in nature. Every single aspect of the spa experience—from the overall environment to the very last ingredient in the products we use—is rooted in our belief in the healing powers of nature. The Spa at Southall is committed to marrying innovative techniques with long-standing tradition.

Coming in 2022

A Personalized Approach

A full range of wellness practices that integrate the healing powers into the spa experience – from the spectrum of modalities we offer to the topicals and ingestibles we select – to foster holistic health in a highly personalized way.

Ancient Therapies

Therapeutic massage, acupressure and reflexology rely on touch to unleash the body’s natural healing powers, targeting certain points on the body to open blockages, alleviate pain and avoid illness. Body mapping connects certain trigger points to organs and systems that need attention, while other ancient therapies focus on energy work to promote whole-body balance.

Modern Techniques

Aestheticians employing advanced equipment to detect and target problem spots during facials. Clean cosmeceuticals that ensure beauty treatments are safe and effective. Hydrotherapy whirlpools to target key pain points. Our intention is to offer therapies that are timeless in their healing power, but highly advanced in their safety and effectiveness.